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We love the moment when the right person fits into the right team. This is because the future of companies is based on capable and satisfied people.

And that’s why we’re here. So that everyone can experience the feeling that “I belong here and I want to give my best here”.

Who has searched with us and found

6 reasons to work with us

We will never recommend a meeting unless we are 100% confident that it can be successful.

How do we do it?


We play fair

We’ve got our cards on the table and we’ll tell you the things hidden under the hood.


We rely on long-term relationships

Otherwise, our work would be meaningless. We’re your partners for the long haul.


We see into all corners of the IT market

We’ve got our cards on the table and we’ll tell you the things hidden under the hood.


We do full-stack IT recruitment

We personally know key people on the IT market, but also in many related fields. We know who to call.


We’re on your side

Whether you’re a company or a candidate, we always play on the same team as you.


We know the data

We base our offer on a detailed market analysis and offer above-standard conditions.

For lovers of numbers


candidates remain
at our clients
after trial period


IT candidates
contact us annually

17 years

experience is what we have on the IT recruitment market

124 cm

is the average diagonal of our recruiters’ monitors

Our team




“The IT world is where the future is born. I love being here.”

“I worked for start-ups, established companies and multinational corporations, until our shared passion for recruitment brought Pavel and I together again. We form long-term partnerships with both sides of the IT playing field. With top specialists and with companies looking for them.”



“If you enjoy something, you're halfway there.”

As a recruitment consultant, manager and director, I’ve always surrounded myself with people who have the same passion and enthusiasm for the work that I do.

What is the key in the world of IT recruitment? Being aware of the details and being able to ask good questions is the basis for the success of our work.


You can find us offline here, we’d love to meet you in real life